Pi - Constant Analysis Multi Tool

Number Search

Use the Pi/Constant Analysis Multi Tool to look up numbers, digit sums, and other mathematical facts about Pi.

Install the Date/Number/Gematria Analyzer Multi Tool for research: v9 download link

Windows Installation

Download and install Python: https://www.python.org/downloads/release/python-2717/

Go to "Edit the system environment variables" in Windows and then click "Environment Variables...".

Select "Path" from System variables and click "Edit...".

Make sure there is a semi-colon on the end of the "Variable value" field, then add "C:\Python27;C:\Python27\Scripts" to it (without quotes).

RESTART your system. You can now call Python from the Command Prompt:

pip install pynput convertdate clipboard backports.shutil_get_terminal_size
python "C:\Path\to\multi_tool.py"

Linux Installation

Linux comes preinstalled with Python:

sudo apt install -y xclip libncurses5-dev python-pip && pip install --upgrade pip && pip install readline pynput convertdate clipboard backports.shutil_get_terminal_size
python '/home/user/path/to/multi_tool.py'


With this tool, you can analyze numbers and their properties, view information about dates, calculate days between dates, analyze the gematria of text, as well as search for numbers in multiple Constants:

Input one of the following codes:

Pi (pi), Phi (phi), e (e), Euler-Mascheroni Constant (em), 2Pi (2pi), Glaisher-Kinkelin Constant (A), Catalan Constant (cat), Khinchin-Levy Constant (kl), Square root of 2 (rt)

Hit the Right-Shift key to view the next occurrence of a number.

Text / Date analysis:

Input a word, or hit Right-Ctrl to analyze the text in the clipboard:


h a r  v  e s  t   (93)  
8 1 18 22 5 19 20        

(93)     (30)     (96)     (42)     |     (261)

simple (88)     short (34)     reverse (87)     kaye (166)

(7 letters, 1 words)

The Gematria/Isopsephy of Hebrew and Greek text can also be viewed.

7 26 2020

Date:            7/26/2020 (Day 208)
Long count:
Tzolk'in day:    74 (9, 'Ix')
Hebrew date:     5/5/5780 (Day 301 C, 123 E)
Coptic date:     11/19/1736 (Day 319)

Calculate Date Length:

5 14 1948 -> 7 20 2019

Date:            5/14/1948 (Day 135)            |      Date:            7/20/2019 (Day 201)
Long count:                   |      Long count:
Tzolk'in day:    223 (2, Ak'b'al)             [A|B]    Tzolk'in day:    222 (1, Ik')
Hebrew date:     2/5/5708 (Day 243 C, 35 E)     |      Hebrew date:     4/17/5779 (Day 314 C, 106 E)
Coptic date:     9/6/1664 (Day 246)             |      Coptic date:     11/13/1735 (Day 313)

5/14/1948 -> 7/20/2019 = 25999 days


67 / 61.