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Ezekiel 17

1 Vnder the parable of two Eagles and a Vine,
11 is ſhewed Gods iudgement vpon Ieruſalem for reuolting from Babylon to Egypt.
22 God promiſeth to plant the Cedar of the Goſpel.
1AND the word of the Lord came vnto mee, ſaying, 2Sonne of man, put foorth a riddle, and ſpeake a parable vnto the houſe of Iſrael, 3And ſay, Thus ſaith the Lord God, A great eagle with great wings, long wing'd, full of feathers, which had diuers colours, came vnto Lebanon, and tooke the higheſt branch of the Cedar. 4Hee cropt off the top of his yong twigs, and caried it into a land of traffique; he ſet it in a city of merchants. 5Hee tooke alſo of the ſeed of the land, and planted it in a fruitfull field, he placed it by great waters, and ſet it as a willow tree. 6And it grew, and became a ſpreading Uine of low ſtature, whoſe branches turned toward him, and the roots thereof were vnder him: ſo it became a Uine, and brought forth branches, and ſhot foorth ſprigges. 7There was alſo an other great eagle, with great wings and many feathers, and behold, this Uine did bend her rootes towards him, and ſhot forth her branches toward him, that hee might water it by the furrowes of her plantation. 8It was planted in a good ſoile by great waters, that it might bring forth branches, and that it might beare fruit, that it might be a goodly Uine. 9Say thou, Thus ſaith the Lord God; Shall it proſper? ſhall he not pull vp the rootes thereof, and cut off the fruit thereof, that it wither? it ſhall wither in all the leaues of her ſpring, euen without great power, or many people to plucke it vp by the rootes thereof. 10Yea behold, being planted, ſhall it proſper? ſhall it not vtterly wither, when the Eaſt wind toucheth it? it ſhal wither in the furrowes where it grew. 11¶ Moreouer the word of the Lord came vnto me, ſaying, 12Say now to the rebellious houſe, Know ye not what theſe things meane? tell them, behold, the king of Babylon is come to Ieruſalem, and hath taken the King thereof, and the Princes thereof, and ledde them with him to Babylon, 13And hath taken of the kings ſeed, and made a couenant with him, and hath taken an oath of him: he hath alſo taken the mighty of the land, 14That the kingdome might bee baſe, that it might not lift it ſelfe vp, but that by keeping of his Couenant it might ſtand. 15But he rebelled againſt him in ſending his ambaſſadours into Egypt, that they might giue him horſes and much people: ſhall he proſper? ſhall he eſcape that doeth ſuch things? or ſhall hee breake the Couenant, and bee deliuered? 16As I liue, ſaith the Lord God, ſurely in the place where the king dwelleth that made him king, whoſe oath he deſpiſed, and whoſe couenant he brake, euen with him, in the midſt of Babylon he ſhall die. 17Neither ſhall Pharaoh with his mightie armie and great companie make for him in the warre by caſting vp mounts, and building forts, to cut off many perſons. 18Seeing hee deſpiſed the oath by breaking the couenant (when loe, he had giuen his hand) and hath done all theſe things, he ſhall not eſcape. 19Therefore thus ſaith the Lord God, As I liue, ſurely mine oath that he hath deſpiſed, and my Couenant that he hath broken, euen it will I recompenſe vpon his owne head. 20And I will * ſpread my net vpon him, & he ſhalbe taken in my ſnare, and I will bring him to Babylon, and will plead with him there for his treſpaſſe, that he hath treſpaſſed againſt me. 21And all his fugitiues, with all his bands, ſhall fall by the ſword, and they that remaine ſhalbe ſcattered towards all windes: and ye ſhall know that I the Lord haue ſpoken it. 22Thus ſaith the Lord God, I wil alſo take of the higheſt branch of the high Cedar, and will ſet it, I will croppe off from the top of his yong twigges a tender one, and will plant it vpon an high mountaine and eminent. 23In the mountaine of the height of Iſrael will I plant it: and it ſhall bring foorth boughes, and beare fruite, and be a goodly Cedar, and vnder it ſhall dwell all foule of euery wing: in the ſhadow of the branches thereof ſhal they dwell. 24And all the trees of the field ſhall know that I the Lord haue brought downe the high tree, haue exalted the low tree, haue dried vp the greene tree, and haue made the drie tree to flouriſh: I the Lord haue ſpoken, and haue done it.