2 Chronicles 35:6Modern KJVAuthorized Version
So kill the passover, and sanctify yourselves, and prepare your brethren, that they may do according to the word of the LORD by the hand of Moses.
Original Text (WLC)
וְשַׁחֲט֖וּ הַפָּ֑סַח וְהִתְקַדְּשׁוּ֙ וְהָכִ֣ינוּ לַאֲחֵיכֶ֔ם לַעֲשׂ֥וֹת כִּדְבַר־יְהוָ֖ה בְּיַד־מֹשֶֽׁה׃ פ
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Data from Strong's Concordance
KJV Strong's # Hebrew Value
So kill H7819shahat שָׁחַט 317
the passover, H6453pesah פֶּסַח 148
and sanctify H6942kadash קָדַשׁ 404
yourselves, and prepare H3559kun כּוּן 76
your brethren, H251ʾah אָח 9
that they may do H6213ʿasa עָשָׂה 375
according to the word H1697davar דָּבָר 206
of the LORD H3068ʾadoonay יְהֹוָה 26
by the hand H3027yad יָד 14
of Moses. H4872mosheh מֹשֶׁה 345
Total = 2928
Original Text
Strong's # Translit Hebrew Value Inc
H7819 vəshahatu וְ שַׁחֲט֖וּ 329
H6453 happasah הַ פָּ֑סַח 153
H6942 vəhitkaddəshu וְ הִתְקַדְּשׁוּ֙ 821
H3559 vəhakhiynu וְ הָכִ֣ינוּ 97
H251 laʾaheykhem לַ אֲחֵיכֶ֔ם 109
H6213 laʿasot לַ עֲשׂ֥וֹת 806
H1697 kidvar כִּ דְבַר־ 226
H3068 ʾadonay יְהוָ֖ה 26
H3027 bəyad בְּ יַד־ 16
H4872 mosheh מֹשֶֽׁה׃ 345
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