Ezra 7:6Modern KJVAuthorized Version
This Ezra went up from Babylon; and he was a ready scribe in the law of Moses, which the LORD God of Israel had given: and the king granted him all his request, according to the hand of the LORD his God upon him.
Original Text (WLC)
ה֤וּא עֶזְרָא֙ עָלָ֣ה מִבָּבֶ֔ל וְהֽוּא־סֹפֵ֤ר מָהִיר֙ בְּתוֹרַ֣ת מֹשֶׁ֔ה אֲשֶׁר־נָתַ֥ן יְהוָ֖ה אֱלֹהֵ֣י יִשְׂרָאֵ֑ל וַיִּתֶּן־ל֣וֹ הַמֶּ֗לֶךְ כְּיַד־יְהוָ֤ה אֱלֹהָיו֙ עָלָ֔יו כֹּ֖ל בַּקָּשָׁתֽוֹ׃ פ
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Data from Strong's Concordance
KJV Strong's # Hebrew Value
This Ezra H5830ʿezraʾ עֶזְרָא 278
went up H5927ʿala עָלָה 105
from Babylon; H894bavel בָּבֶל 34
and he was a ready H4106mahiyr מָהִיר 255
scribe H5608safar סָפַר 340
in the law H8451tora תּוֹרָה 611
of Moses, H4872mosheh מֹשֶׁה 345
which the LORD H3068ʾadoonay יְהֹוָה 26
God H430ʾelohiym אֱלֹהִים 86
of Israel H3478yisraʾeyl יִשְׂרָאֵל 541
had given: H5414natan נָתַן 500
and the king H4428melekh מֶלֶךְ 90
granted H5414natan נָתַן 500
him all his request, H1246bakkasha בַּקָּשָׁה 407
according to the hand H3027yad יָד 14
of the LORD H3068ʾadoonay יְהֹוָה 26
his God upon him. H430ʾelohiym אֱלֹהִים 86
Total = 5732
Original Text
Strong's # Translit Hebrew Value Inc
H1931 huʾ ה֤וּא 12
H5830 ʿezraʾ עֶזְרָא֙ 278
H5927 ʿala עָלָ֣ה 105
H894 mibbavel מִ בָּבֶ֔ל 74
H1931 vəhuʾ וְ הֽוּא־ 18
H5608 sofeyr סֹפֵ֤ר 340
H4106 mahiyr מָהִיר֙ 255
H8451 bətorat בְּ תוֹרַ֣ת 1008
H4872 mosheh מֹשֶׁ֔ה 345
H834 ʾasher אֲשֶׁר־ 501
H5414 natan נָתַ֥ן 500
H3068 ʾadonay יְהוָ֖ה 26
H430 ʾelohey אֱלֹהֵ֣י 46
H3478 yisraʾeyl יִשְׂרָאֵ֑ל 541
H5414 vayyitten וַ יִּתֶּן־ 466
lo ל֣וֹ 36
H4428 hammelekh הַ מֶּ֗לֶךְ 95
H3027 kəyad כְּ יַד־ 34
H3068 ʾadonay יְהוָ֤ה 26
H430 ʾelohayv אֱלֹהָיו֙ 52
H5921 ʿalayv עָלָ֔יו 116
H3605 kol כֹּ֖ל 50
H1246 bakkashato בַּקָּשָׁתֽוֹ׃ 808
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