Exodus 12:21Modern KJVOriginal Hebrew
Then Moſes called for all the Elders of Iſrael, and ſaid vnto them; Draw out and take you a || lambe, according to your families, and kill the Paſſeouer.
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Data from Strong's Concordance
KJV Strong's # Hebrew Value
Then Moses H4872 Mosheh משה 345
called H7121 qara' קרא 301
for all the elders H2205 zaqen זקן 157
of Israel, H3478 Yisra'el ישראל 541
and said H559 'amar אמר 241
unto them, Draw out H4900 mashak משך 360
and take H3947 laqach לקח 138
you a lamb H6629 tso'n צאן 141
according to your families, H4940 mishpachah משפחה 433
and kill H7819 shachat שחט 317
the passover. H6453 pecach פסח 148
Total = 3910
Original Text
Strong's # Hebrew Value Inc
H7121 ויקרא 317
H4872 משה 345
? לכל 80
H2205 זקני 167
H3478 ישראל 541
H559 ויאמר 257
H413 אלהם 76
H4900 משכו 366
H3947 וקחו 120
H4480 לכם 90
H6629 צאן 141
H4940 למשפחתיכם 928
H7819 ושחטו 329
H6453 הפסח 153
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