Isaiah 30:18Modern KJVOriginal Hebrew
And therefore wil the Lord wait that he may be gracious vnto you, and therefore wil he be exalted that he may haue mercy vpon you: for the Lord is a God of Iudgment. * Bleſſed are all they that wait for him.
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Data from Strong's Concordance
KJV Strong's # Hebrew Value
And therefore will the LORD H3068 Yehovah יהוה 26
wait, H2442 chakah חכה 33
that he may be gracious H2603 chanan חנן 108
unto you, and therefore will he be exalted, H7311 ruwm רום 246
that he may have mercy H7355 racham רחם 248
upon you: for the LORD H3068 Yehovah יהוה 26
is a God H430 'elohiym אלהים 86
of judgment: H4941 mishpat משפט 429
blessed H835 'esher אשר 501
are all they that wait for him. H2442 chakah חכה 33
Total = 2245
Original Text
Strong's # Hebrew Value Inc
H3651 ולכן 106
H2442 יחכה 43
H3068 יהוה 26
H2603 לחננכם 198
H3651 ולכן 106
H7311 ירום 256
H7355 לרחמכם 338
? כי 30
H430 אלהי 46
H4941 משפט 429
H3068 יהוה 26
H835 אשרי 511
? כל 50
H2442 חוכי 44
? לו 36
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