Isaiah 55:7Modern KJVAuthorized Version
Let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts: and let him return unto the LORD, and he will have mercy upon him; and to our God, for he will abundantly pardon.
Original Text (WLC)
יַעֲזֹ֤ב רָשָׁע֙ דַּרְכּ֔וֹ וְאִ֥ישׁ אָ֖וֶן מַחְשְׁבֹתָ֑יו וְיָשֹׁ֤ב אֶל־יְהוָה֙ וִֽירַחֲמֵ֔הוּ וְאֶל־אֱלֹהֵ֖ינוּ כִּֽי־יַרְבֶּ֥ה לִסְלֽוֹחַ׃
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Data from Strong's Concordance
KJV Strong's # Hebrew Value
Let the wicked H7563rashaʿ רָשָׁע 570
forsake H5800ʿazav עָזַב 79
his way, H1870derekh דֶּרֶךְ 224
and the unrighteous H205ʾaven אָוֶן 57
man H376ʾiysh אִישׁ 311
his thoughts: H4284mahashava מַחֲשָׁבָה 355
and let him return H7725shuv שׁוּב 308
unto the LORD, H3068ʾadoonay יְהֹוָה 26
and he will have mercy H7355raham רָחַם 248
upon him; and to our God, H430ʾelohiym אֱלֹהִים 86
for he will abundantly H7235rava רָבָה 207
pardon. H5545salah סָלַח 98
Total = 3199
Original Text
Strong's # Translit Hebrew Value Inc
H5800 yaʿazov יַעֲזֹ֤ב 89
H7563 rashaʿ רָשָׁע֙ 570
H1870 darko דַּרְכּ֔וֹ 230
H376 vəʾiysh וְ אִ֥ישׁ 317
H205 ʾaven אָ֖וֶן 57
H4284 mahshəvotayv מַחְשְׁבֹתָ֑יו 766
H7725 vəyashov וְ יָשֹׁ֤ב 318
H413 ʾel אֶל־ 31
H3068 ʾadonay יְהוָה֙ 26
H7355 viyrahameyhu וִֽ ירַחֲמֵ֔הוּ 275
H413 vəʾel וְ אֶל־ 37
H430 ʾeloheynu אֱלֹהֵ֖ינוּ 102
H3588 kiy כִּֽי־ 30
H7235 yarbeh יַרְבֶּ֥ה 217
H5545 lisloah לִ סְלֽוֹחַ׃ 134
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