Jeremiah 22:3Modern KJVAuthorized Version
Thus saith the LORD; Execute ye judgment and righteousness, and deliver the spoiled out of the hand of the oppressor: and do no wrong, do no violence to the stranger, the fatherless, nor the widow, neither shed innocent blood in this place.
Original Text (WLC)
כֹּ֣ה ׀ אָמַ֣ר יְהוָ֗ה עֲשׂ֤וּ מִשְׁפָּט֙ וּצְדָקָ֔ה וְהַצִּ֥ילוּ גָז֖וּל מִיַּ֣ד עָשׁ֑וֹק וְגֵר֩ יָת֨וֹם וְאַלְמָנָ֤ה אַל־תֹּנוּ֙ אַל־תַּחְמֹ֔סוּ וְדָ֣ם נָקִ֔י אַֽל־תִּשְׁפְּכ֖וּ בַּמָּק֥וֹם הַזֶּֽה׃
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Data from Strong's Concordance
KJV Strong's # Hebrew Value
Thus saith H559ʾamar אָמַר 241
the LORD; H3068ʾadoonay יְהֹוָה 26
Execute H6213ʿasa עָשָׂה 375
ye judgment H4941mishpat מִשְׁפָּט 429
and righteousness, H6666tzədaka צְדָקָה 199
and deliver H5337natzal נָצַל 170
the spoiled H1497gazal גָּזַל 40
out of the hand H3027yad יָד 14
of the oppressor: H6216ʿashok עָשׁוֹק 476
and do no wrong, H3238yana יָנָה 65
do no violence H2554hamas חָמַס 108
to the stranger, H1616geyr גֵּר 203
the fatherless, H3490yatom יָתוֹם 456
nor the widow, H490ʾalmana אַלְמָנָה 126
neither shed H8210shafakh שָׁפַךְ 400
innocent H5355nakiy נָקִי 160
blood H1818dam דָּם 44
in this place. H4725makom מָקוֹם 186
Total = 5106
Original Text
Strong's # Translit Hebrew Value Inc
H3541 koh כֹּ֣ה ׀ 25
H559 ʾamar אָמַ֣ר 241
H3068 ʾadonay יְהוָ֗ה 26
H6213 ʿasu עֲשׂ֤וּ 376
H4941 mishpat מִשְׁפָּט֙ 429
H6666 utzədaka וּ צְדָקָ֔ה 205
H5337 vəhatziylu וְ הַצִּ֥ילוּ 147
H1497 gazul גָז֖וּל 46
H3027 miyyyad מִ יַּ֣ד 54
H6216 ʿashok עָשׁ֑וֹק 476
H1616 vəgeyr וְ גֵר֩ 209
H3490 yatom יָת֨וֹם 456
H490 vəʾalmana וְ אַלְמָנָ֤ה 132
H408 ʾal אַל־ 31
H3238 tonu תֹּנוּ֙ 456
H408 ʾal אַל־ 31
H2554 tahmosu תַּחְמֹ֔סוּ 514
H1818 vədam וְ דָ֣ם 50
H5355 nakiy נָקִ֔י 160
H408 ʾal אַֽל־ 31
H8210 tishpəkhu תִּשְׁפְּכ֖וּ 806
H4725 bammakom בַּ מָּק֥וֹם 188
H2088 hazzeh הַ זֶּֽה׃ 17
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