Ezekiel 17:7Modern KJVOriginal Hebrew
There was alſo an other great eagle, with great wings and many feathers, and behold, this Uine did bend her rootes towards him, and ſhot forth her branches toward him, that hee might water it by the furrowes of her plantation.
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Data from Strong's Concordance
KJV Strong's # Hebrew Value
There was also another H259 'echad אחד 13
great H1419 gadowl גדול 43
eagle H5404 nesher נשר 550
with great H1419 gadowl גדול 43
wings H3671 kanaph כנף 150
and many H7227 rab רב 202
feathers: H5133 nowtsah נוצה 151
and, behold, this vine H1612 gephen גפן 133
did bend H3719 kaphan כפן 150
her roots H8328 sheresh שרש 800
toward him, and shot forth H7971 shalach שלח 338
her branches H1808 daliyah דלית 444
toward him, that he might water H8248 shaqah שקה 405
it by the furrows H6170 `aruwgah ערוגה 284
of her plantation. H4302 matta` מטע 119
Total = 5889
Original Text
Strong's # Hebrew Value Inc
H1961 ויהי 31
H5404 נשר 550
H259 אחד 13
H1419 גדול 43
H1419 גדול 43
H3671 כנפים 200
H7227 ורב 208
H5133 נוצה 151
? והנה 66
H1612 הגפן 138
H2063 הזאת 413
H3719 כפנה 155
H8328 שרשיה 815
H5921 עליו 116
H1808 ודליותיו 472
H7971 שלחה 343
? לו 36
H8248 להשקות 841
? אותה 412
H6170 מערגות 719
H4302 מטעה 124
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