Hosea 6:9Modern KJVOriginal Hebrew
And as troupes of robbers waite for a man, ſo the company of prieſtes murther in the way by conſent: for they commit || lewdneſſe.
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Data from Strong's Concordance
KJV Strong's # Hebrew Value
And as troops H1416 geduwd גדוד 17
of robbers wait H2442 chakah חכה 33
for a man, H376 'iysh איש 311
so the company H2267 cheber חבר 210
of priests H3548 kohen כהן 75
murder H7523 ratsach רצח 298
in the way H1870 derek דרך 224
by consent H7926 shekem שכם 360
(untranslated) H7927 Shekem שכם 360
for they commit H6213 `asah עשה 375
lewdness. H2154 zimmah זמה 52
Total = 2138
Original Text
Strong's # Hebrew Value Inc
H2442 וכחכי 64
H376 איש 311
H1416 גדודים 67
H2267 חבר 210
H3548 כהנים 125
H1870 דרך 224
H7523 ירצחו 314
H7926 שכמה 365
? כי 30
H2154 זמה 52
H6213 עשו 376
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