Micah 7:17Modern KJVAuthorized Version
They shall lick the dust like a serpent, they shall move out of their holes like worms of the earth: they shall be afraid of the LORD our God, and shall fear because of thee.
Original Text (WLC)
יְלַחֲכ֤וּ עָפָר֙ כַּנָּחָ֔שׁ כְּזֹחֲלֵ֣י אֶ֔רֶץ יִרְגְּז֖וּ מִמִּסְגְּרֹֽתֵיהֶ֑ם אֶל־יְהוָ֤ה אֱלֹהֵ֙ינוּ֙ יִפְחָ֔דוּ וְיִֽרְא֖וּ מִמֶּֽךָּ׃
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Data from Strong's Concordance
KJV Strong's # Hebrew Value
They shall lick H3897lahakh לָחַךְ 58
the dust H6083ʿafar עָפָר 350
like a serpent, H5175nahash נָחָשׁ 358
they shall move H7264ragaz רָגַז 210
out of their holes H4526misgeret מִסְגֶּרֶת 703
like worms H2119zahal זָחַל 45
of the earth: H776ʾeretz אֶרֶץ 291
they shall be afraid H6342pahad פָּחַד 92
of the LORD H3068ʾadoonay יְהֹוָה 26
our God, H430ʾelohiym אֱלֹהִים 86
and shall fear because of thee. H3372yareyʾ יָרֵא 211
Total = 2782
Original Text
Strong's # Translit Hebrew Value Inc
H3897 yəlahakhu יְלַחֲכ֤וּ 74
H6083 ʿafar עָפָר֙ 350
H5175 kannahash כַּ נָּחָ֔שׁ 378
H2119 kəzohaley כְּ זֹחֲלֵ֣י 75
H776 ʾeretz אֶ֔רֶץ 291
H7264 yirgəzu יִרְגְּז֖וּ 226
H4526 mimmisgəroteyhem מִ מִּסְגְּרֹֽתֵיהֶ֑ם 798
H413 ʾel אֶל־ 31
H3068 ʾadonay יְהוָ֤ה 26
H430 ʾeloheynu אֱלֹהֵ֙ינוּ֙ 102
H6342 yifhadu יִפְחָ֔דוּ 108
H3372 vəyirʾu וְ יִֽרְא֖וּ 223
H4480 mimmekka מִמֶּֽךָּ׃ 100
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