Numbers 16:41Modern KJVOriginal Hebrew
But on the morrow, all the Congregation of the children of Iſrael murmured againſt Moſes and againſt Aaron, ſaying, Ye haue killed the people of the Lord.
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Data from Strong's Concordance
KJV Strong's # Hebrew Value
But on the morrow H4283 mochorath מחרת 648
all the congregation H5712 `edah עדה 79
of the children H1121 ben בן 52
of Israel H3478 Yisra'el ישראל 541
murmured H3885 luwn לון 86
against Moses H4872 Mosheh משה 345
and against Aaron, H175 'Aharown אהרן 256
saying, H559 'amar אמר 241
Ye have killed H4191 muwth מות 446
the people H5971 `am עם 110
of the LORD. H3068 Yehovah יהוה 26
Total = 4458
Original Text
Strong's # Hebrew Value Inc
H3885 וילנו 102
? כל 50
H5712 עדת 474
H1121 בני 62
H3478 ישראל 541
H4283 ממחרת 688
? על 100
H4872 משה 345
? ועל 106
H175 אהרן 256
H559 לאמר 271
? אתם 441
H4191 המתם 485
? את 401
H5971 עם 110
H3068 יהוה 26
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