Matthew 27:20Modern KJVAuthorized Version
But the chief priests and elders persuaded the multitude that they should ask Barabbas, and destroy Jesus.
Original Text  (TR 1894)Stephanus 1550 (Total 10127)
οἱ δὲ ἀρχιερεῖς καὶ οἱ πρεσβύτεροι ἔπεισαν τοὺς ὄχλους ἵνα αἰτήσωνται τὸν Βαραββᾶν τὸν δὲ Ἰησοῦν ἀπολέσωσιν.
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Data from Strong's Concordance
KJV Strong's # Greek Value
But G1161de δέ 9
the chief priests G749archiereus ἀρχιερεύς 1421
and G2532kai καί 31
elders G4245presbyteros πρεσβύτερος 1462
persuaded G3982peithō πείθω 904
the multitude G3793ochlos ὄχλος 970
that G2443hina ἵνα 61
they should ask G154aiteō αἰτέω 1116
Barabbas, G912barabbas Βαραββᾶς 309
and G1161de δέ 9
destroy G622apollymi ἀπόλλυμι 661
Jesus. G2424iēsous Ἰησοῦς 888
Total = 10127
Original Text
Strong's # Translit Greek Value Inc
G3588 hoi οἱ 80
G1161 de δὲ 9
G749 archiereis ἀρχιερεῖς 1031
G2532 kai καὶ 31
G3588 hoi οἱ 80
G4245 presbuteroi πρεσβύτεροι 1272
G3982 epeisan ἔπεισαν 351
G3588 tous τοὺς 970
G3793 ochlous ὄχλους 1370
G2443 hina ἵνα 61
G154 aitēsōntai αἰτήσωνται 1680
G3588 ton τὸν 420
G912 Barabban Βαραββᾶν 159
G3588 ton τὸν 420
G1161 de δὲ 9
G2424 Iēsoun Ἰησοῦν 738
G622 apolesōsin ἀπολέσωσιν. 1446
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