Mark 8:17Modern KJVAuthorized Version
And when Jesus knew it, he saith unto them, Why reason ye, because ye have no bread? perceive ye not yet, neither understand? have ye your heart yet hardened?
Original Text  (TR 1894)Stephanus 1550 (Total 14587)
καὶ γνοὺς ὁ Ἰησοῦς λέγει αὐτοῖς, Τί διαλογίζεσθε ὅτι ἄρτους οὐκ ἔχετε; οὔπω νοεῖτε, οὐδὲ συνίετε; ἔτι πεπωρωμένην ἔχετε τὴν καρδίαν ὑμῶν;
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Data from Strong's Concordance
KJV Strong's # Greek Value
And G2532kai καί 31
when G1097ginōskō γινώσκω 1883
Jesus G2424iēsous Ἰησοῦς 888
knew G1097ginōskō γινώσκω 1883
it, he saith G3004legō λέγω 838
unto them, G846autos αὐτός 971
Why G5101tis τίς 510
reason ye, G1260dialogizomai διαλογίζομαι 256
because G3754hoti ὅτι 380
ye have G2192echō ἔχω 1405
no G3756ou οὐ 470
bread? G740artos ἄρτος 671
perceive ye G3539noeō νοιέω 935
not yet, G3768oupō οὔπω 1350
neither G3761oude οὐδέ 479
understand? G4920syniēmi συνίημι 718
have ye G2192echō ἔχω 1405
your G4771sy σύ 600
heart G2588kardia καρδία 136
yet G2089eti ἔτι 315
hardened? G4456pōroō πωρόω 1850
Total = 14587
Original Text
Strong's # Translit Greek Value Inc
G2532 kai καὶ 31
G1097 gnous γνοὺς 723
G3588 ho 70
G2424 Iēsous Ἰησοῦς 888
G3004 legei λέγει 53
G846 autois αὐτοῖς, 981
G5101 Ti Τί 310
G1260 dialogizesthe διαλογίζεσθε 354
G3754 hoti ὅτι 380
G740 artous ἄρτους 1071
G3756 ouk οὐκ 490
G2192 echete ἔχετε; 915
G3768 oupō οὔπω 1350
G3539 noeite νοεῖτε, 440
G3761 oude οὐδὲ 479
G4920 suniete συνίετε; 970
G2089 eti ἔτι 315
G4456 pepōrōmenēn πεπωρωμένην 2018
G2192 echete ἔχετε 915
G3588 tēn τὴν 358
G2588 kardian καρδίαν 186
G5216 humōn ὑμῶν; 1290
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