John 11:13Modern KJVAuthorized Version
Howbeit Jesus spake of his death: but they thought that he had spoken of taking of rest in sleep.
Original Text  (TR 1894)Stephanus 1550 (Total 8720)
εἰρήκει δὲ ὁ Ἰησοῦς περὶ τοῦ θανάτου αὐτοῦ· ἐκεῖνοι δὲ ἔδοξαν ὅτι περὶ τῆς κοιμήσεως τοῦ ὕπνου λέγει.
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Data from Strong's Concordance
KJV Strong's # Greek Value
Howbeit G1161de δέ 9
Jesus G2424iēsous Ἰησοῦς 888
spake G2046ereō ἐρέω 910
of G4012peri περί 195
his G846autos αὐτός 971
death: G2288thanatos θάνατος 631
but G1161de δέ 9
they G1565ekeinos ἐκεῖνος 360
thought G1380dokeō δοκέω 899
that G3754hoti ὅτι 380
he had spoken G3004legō λέγω 838
of G4012peri περί 195
taking of rest G2838koimēsis κοίμησις 558
in sleep. G5258hypnos ὕπνος 800
Total = 8720
Original Text
Strong's # Translit Greek Value Inc
G2046 eirēkei εἰρήκει 158
G1161 de δὲ 9
G3588 ho 70
G2424 Iēsous Ἰησοῦς 888
G4012 peri περὶ 195
G3588 tou τοῦ 770
G2288 thanatou θανάτου 831
G846 autou αὐτοῦ· 1171
G1565 ekeinoi ἐκεῖνοι 170
G1161 de δὲ 9
G1380 edoxan ἔδοξαν 190
G3754 hoti ὅτι 380
G4012 peri περὶ 195
G3588 tēs τῆς 508
G2838 koimēseōs κοιμήσεως 1353
G3588 tou τοῦ 770
G5258 hupnou ὕπνου 1000
G3004 legei λέγει. 53
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