Deuteronomy 17:19Modern KJVAuthorized Version
And it shall be with him, and he shall read therein all the days of his life: that he may learn to fear the LORD his God, to keep all the words of this law and these statutes, to do them:
Original Text (WLC)
וְהָיְתָ֣ה עִמּ֔וֹ וְקָ֥רָא ב֖וֹ כָּל־יְמֵ֣י חַיָּ֑יו לְמַ֣עַן יִלְמַ֗ד לְיִרְאָה֙ אֶת־יְהוָ֣ה אֱלֹהָ֔יו לִ֠שְׁמֹר אֶֽת־כָּל־דִּבְרֵ֞י הַתּוֹרָ֥ה הַזֹּ֛את וְאֶת־הַחֻקִּ֥ים הָאֵ֖לֶּה לַעֲשֹׂתָֽם׃
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Data from Strong's Concordance
KJV Strong's # Hebrew Value
And it shall be with him, and he shall read H7121karaʾ קָרָא 301
therein all the days H3117yom יוֹם 56
of his life: H2416hay חַי 18
that he may learn H3925lamad לָמַד 74
to fear H3372yareyʾ יָרֵא 211
the LORD H3068ʾadoonay יְהֹוָה 26
his God, H430ʾelohiym אֱלֹהִים 86
to keep H8104shamar שָׁמַר 540
all the words H1697davar דָּבָר 206
of this law H8451tora תּוֹרָה 611
and these statutes, H2706hok חֹק 108
to do them: H6213ʿasa עָשָׂה 375
Total = 5717
Original Text
Strong's # Translit Hebrew Value Inc
H1961 vəhayəta וְ הָיְתָ֣ה 426
H5973 ʿimmo עִמּ֔וֹ 116
H7121 vəkaraʾ וְ קָ֥רָא 307
vo ב֖וֹ 8
H3605 kal כָּל־ 50
H3117 yəmey יְמֵ֣י 60
H2416 hayyayv חַיָּ֑יו 34
H4616 ləmaʿan לְמַ֣עַן 190
H3925 yilmad יִלְמַ֗ד 84
H3372 ləyirʾa לְ יִרְאָה֙ 246
H853 ʾet אֶת־ 401
H3068 ʾadonay יְהוָ֣ה 26
H430 ʾelohayv אֱלֹהָ֔יו 52
H8104 lishmor לִ֠ שְׁמֹר 570
H853 ʾet אֶֽת־ 401
H3605 kal כָּל־ 50
H1697 divrey דִּבְרֵ֞י 216
H8451 hattora הַ תּוֹרָ֥ה 616
H2063 hazzot הַ זֹּ֛את 413
H853 vəʾet וְ אֶת־ 407
H2706 hahukkiym הַ חֻקִּ֥ים 163
H428 haʾeylleh הָ אֵ֖לֶּה 41
H6213 laʿasotam לַ עֲשֹׂתָֽם׃ 840
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