Deuteronomy 19:6Modern KJVAuthorized Version
Lest the avenger of the blood pursue the slayer, while his heart is hot, and overtake him, because the way is long, and slay him; whereas he was not worthy of death, inasmuch as he hated him not in time past.
Original Text (WLC)
פֶּן־יִרְדֹּף֩ גֹּאֵ֨ל הַדָּ֜ם אַחֲרֵ֣י הָרֹצֵ֗חַ כִּי־יֵחַם֮ לְבָבוֹ֒ וְהִשִּׂיג֛וֹ כִּֽי־יִרְבֶּ֥ה הַדֶּ֖רֶךְ וְהִכָּ֣הוּ נָ֑פֶשׁ וְלוֹ֙ אֵ֣ין מִשְׁפַּט־מָ֔וֶת כִּ֠י לֹ֣א שֹׂנֵ֥א ה֛וּא ל֖וֹ מִתְּמ֥וֹל שִׁלְשֽׁוֹם׃
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Data from Strong's Concordance
KJV Strong's # Hebrew Value
Lest the avenger H1350gaʾal גָּאַל 34
of the blood H1818dam דָּם 44
pursue H7291radaf רָדַף 284
the slayer, H310ʾahar אַחַר 209
while H3588kiy כִּי 30
his heart H3824leyvav לֵבָב 34
is hot, H3179yaham יָחַם 58
and overtake H5381nasag נָשַׂג 353
him, because the way H1870derekh דֶּרֶךְ 224
is long, H7235rava רָבָה 207
and slay H5221nakha נָכָה 75
him; H5315nefesh נֶפֶשׁ 430
whereas he was not worthy H4941mishpat מִשְׁפָּט 429
of death, H4194mavet מָוֶת 446
inasmuch as H3588kiy כִּי 30
he hated H8130saneyʾ שָׂנֵא 351
him not in time H8543təmol תְּמוֹל 476
past. H8032shilshom שִׁלְשׁוֹם 676
Total = 5065
Original Text
Strong's # Translit Hebrew Value Inc
H6435 pen פֶּן־ 130
H7291 yirdof יִרְדֹּף֩ 294
H1350 goʾeyl גֹּאֵ֨ל 34
H1818 haddam הַ דָּ֜ם 49
H310 ʾaharey אַחֲרֵ֣י 219
H7523 harotzeyah הָ רֹצֵ֗חַ 303
H3588 kiy כִּי־ 30
H3179 yeyham יֵחַם֮ 58
H3824 ləvavo לְבָבוֹ֒ 40
H5381 vəhissiygo וְ הִשִּׂיג֛וֹ 330
H3588 kiy כִּֽי־ 30
H7235 yirbeh יִרְבֶּ֥ה 217
H1870 hadderekh הַ דֶּ֖רֶךְ 229
H5221 vəhikkahu וְ הִכָּ֣הוּ 42
H5315 nafesh נָ֑פֶשׁ 430
vəlo וְ לוֹ֙ 42
H369 ʾeyn אֵ֣ין 61
H4941 mishpat מִשְׁפַּט־ 429
H4194 mavet מָ֔וֶת 446
H3588 kiy כִּ֠י 30
H3808 loʾ לֹ֣א 31
H8130 soneyʾ שֹׂנֵ֥א 351
H1931 huʾ ה֛וּא 12
lo ל֖וֹ 36
H8543 mittəmol מִ תְּמ֥וֹל 516
H8032 shilshom שִׁלְשֽׁוֹם׃ 676
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