Deuteronomy 34:10Modern KJVOriginal Hebrew
And there aroſe not a Prophet ſince in Iſrael like vnto Moſes, whom the Lord knew face to face:
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Data from Strong's Concordance
KJV Strong's # Hebrew Value
And there arose H6965 quwm קום 146
not a prophet H5030 nabiy' נביא 63
since H5750 `owd עוד 80
in Israel H3478 Yisra'el ישראל 541
like unto Moses, H4872 Mosheh משה 345
whom the LORD H3068 Yehovah יהוה 26
knew H3045 yada` ידע 84
face H6440 paniym פנים 180
to face, H6440 paniym פנים 180
Total = 2236
Original Text
Strong's # Hebrew Value Inc
? ולא 37
H6965 קם 140
H5030 נביא 63
H5750 עוד 80
H3478 בישראל 543
H4872 כמשה 365
? אשר 501
H3045 ידעו 90
H3068 יהוה 26
H6440 פנים 180
? אל 31
H6440 פנים 180
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