2 Peter 2:20Modern KJVAuthorized Version
For if after they have escaped the pollutions of the world through the knowledge of the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, they are again entangled therein, and overcome, the latter end is worse with them than the beginning.
Original Text  (TR 1894)Stephanus 1550 (Total 22053)
εἰ γὰρ ἀποφυγόντες τὰ μιάσματα τοῦ κόσμου ἐν ἐπιγνώσει τοῦ Κυρίου καὶ σωτῆρος Ἰησοῦ Χριστοῦ, τούτοις δὲ πάλιν ἐμπλακέντες ἡττῶνται, γέγονεν αὐτοῖς τὰ ἔσχατα χείρονα τῶν πρώτων.
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Data from Strong's Concordance
KJV Strong's # Greek Value
For G1063gar γάρ 104
if G1487ei εἰ 15
after they have escaped G668apopheugō ἀποφεύγω 1859
the pollutions G3393miasma μίασμα 292
of the world G2889kosmos κόσμος 600
through G1722en ἐν 55
the knowledge G1922epignōsis ἐπίγνωσις 1358
of the Lord G2962kyrios κύριος 800
and G2532kai καί 31
Saviour G4990sōtēr σωτήρ 1408
Jesus G2424iēsous Ἰησοῦς 888
Christ, G5547christos Χριστός 1480
they are G1707emplekō ἐμπλέκω 980
again G3825palin πάλιν 171
entangled G1707emplekō ἐμπλέκω 980
therein, G3778hoytos οὗτος 1040
and overcome, G2274hēttaomai ἡττάω 1409
the latter end G2078eschatos ἔσχατος 1376
is G1096ginomai γίνομαι 184
worse G5501cheirōn χείρων 1565
with them G846autos αὐτός 971
than the beginning. G4413prōtos πρῶτος 1550
Total = 22053
Original Text
Strong's # Translit Greek Value Inc
G1487 ei εἰ 15
G1063 gar γὰρ 104
G668 apophugontes ἀποφυγόντες 1679
G3588 ta τὰ 301
G3393 miasmata μιάσματα 593
G3588 tou τοῦ 770
G2889 kosmou κόσμου 800
G1722 en ἐν 55
G1922 epignōsei ἐπιγνώσει 1163
G3588 tou τοῦ 770
G2962 Kuriou Κυρίου 1000
G2532 kai καὶ 31
G4990 sōtēros σωτῆρος 1678
G2424 Iēsou Ἰησοῦ 688
G5547 Christou Χριστοῦ, 1680
G5125 toutois τούτοις 1350
G1161 de δὲ 9
G3825 palin πάλιν 171
G1707 emplakentes ἐμπλακέντες 736
G2274 hēttōntai ἡττῶνται, 1769
G1096 gegonen γέγονεν 186
G846 autois αὐτοῖς 981
G3588 ta τὰ 301
G2078 eschata ἔσχατα 1107
G5501 cheirona χείρονα 836
G3588 tōn τῶν 1150
G4413 prōtōn πρώτων. 2130
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