Revelation 2:11Modern KJVAuthorized Version
He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches; He that overcometh shall not be hurt of the second death.
Original Text  (TR 1894)Stephanus 1550 (Total 11579)
ὁ ἔχων οὖς ἀκουσάτω τί τὸ Πνεῦμα λέγει ταῖς ἐκκλησίαις. ὁ νικῶν οὐ μὴ ἀδικηθῇ ἐκ τοῦ θανάτου τοῦ δευτέρου.
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Data from Strong's Concordance
KJV Strong's # Greek Value
He that hath G2192echō ἔχω 1405
an ear, G3775ous οὖς 670
let him hear G191akouō ἀκούω 1291
what G5101tis τίς 510
the Spirit G4151pneuma πνεῦμα 576
saith G3004legō λέγω 838
unto the churches; G1577ekklēsia ἐκκλησία 294
He that overcometh G3528nikaō νικάω 881
shall G91adikeō ἀδικέω 840
not G3361 μή 48
be hurt G91adikeō ἀδικέω 840
of G1537ek ἐκ 25
the second G1208deuteros δεύτερος 1084
death. G2288thanatos θάνατος 631
Total = 11579
Original Text
Strong's # Translit Greek Value Inc
G3588 ho 70
G2192 echōn ἔχων 1455
G3775 ous οὖς 670
G191 akousatō ἀκουσάτω 1792
G5101 ti τί 310
G3588 to τὸ 370
G4151 Pneuma Πνεῦμα 576
G3004 legei λέγει 53
G3588 tais ταῖς 511
G1577 ekklēsiais ἐκκλησίαις. 504
G3588 ho 70
G3528 nikōn νικῶν 930
G3756 G3364 ou οὐ 470
G3361 μὴ 48
G91 adikēthē ἀδικηθῇ 70
G1537 ek ἐκ 25
G3588 tou τοῦ 770
G2288 thanatou θανάτου 831
G3588 tou τοῦ 770
G1208 deuterou δευτέρου. 1284
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