1 Samuel 28:15Modern KJVAuthorized Version
And Samuel said to Saul, Why hast thou disquieted me, to bring me up? And Saul answered, I am sore distressed; for the Philistines make war against me, and God is departed from me, and answereth me no more, neither by prophets, nor by dreams: therefore I have called thee, that thou mayest make known unto me what I shall do.
Original Text (WLC)
וַיֹּ֤אמֶר שְׁמוּאֵל֙ אֶל־שָׁא֔וּל לָ֥מָּה הִרְגַּזְתַּ֖נִי לְהַעֲל֣וֹת אֹתִ֑י וַיֹּ֣אמֶר שָׁ֠אוּל צַר־לִ֨י מְאֹ֜ד וּפְלִשְׁתִּ֣ים ׀ נִלְחָמִ֣ים בִּ֗י וֵֽאלֹהִ֞ים סָ֤ר מֵֽעָלַי֙ וְלֹֽא־עָנָ֣נִי ע֗וֹד גַּ֤ם בְּיַֽד־הַנְּבִיאִם֙ גַּם־בַּ֣חֲלֹמ֔וֹת וָאֶקְרָאֶ֣ה לְךָ֔ לְהוֹדִיעֵ֖נִי מָ֥ה אֶעֱשֶֽׂה׃ ס
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KJV Strong's # Hebrew Value
And Samuel H8050shəmuʾeyl שְׁמוּאֵל 377
said H559ʾamar אָמַר 241
to Saul, H7586shaʾul שָׁאוּל 337
Why hast thou disquieted H7264ragaz רָגַז 210
me, to bring me up? H5927ʿala עָלָה 105
And Saul H7586shaʾul שָׁאוּל 337
answered, H559ʾamar אָמַר 241
I am sore H3966məʾod מְאֹד 45
distressed; H6887tzarar צָרַר 490
for the Philistines H6430pəlishtiy פְּלִשְׁתִּי 820
make war H3898laham לָחַם 78
against me, and God H430ʾelohiym אֱלֹהִים 86
is departed H5493sur סוּר 266
from me, and answereth H6030ʿana עָנָה 125
me no more, neither by H3027yad יָד 14
prophets, H5030naviyʾ נָבִיא 63
nor by dreams: H2472halom חֲלוֹם 84
therefore I have called H7121karaʾ קָרָא 301
thee, that thou mayest make known H3045yadaʿ יָדַע 84
unto me what I shall do. H6213ʿasa עָשָׂה 375
Total = 7193
Original Text
Strong's # Translit Hebrew Value Inc
H559 vayyomer וַ יֹּ֤אמֶר 257
H8050 shəmuʾeyl שְׁמוּאֵל֙ 377
H413 ʾel אֶל־ 31
H7586 shaʾul שָׁא֔וּל 337
H4100 lamma לָ֥ מָּה 75
H7264 hirgaztaniy הִרְגַּזְתַּ֖נִי 675
H5927 ləhaʿalot לְ הַעֲל֣וֹת 541
H853 ʾotiy אֹתִ֑י 411
H559 vayyomer וַ יֹּ֣אמֶר 257
H7586 shaʾul שָׁ֠אוּל 337
H6887 tzar צַר־ 290
liy לִ֨י 40
H3966 məʾod מְאֹ֜ד 45
H6430 ufəlishtiym וּ פְלִשְׁתִּ֣ים ׀ 866
H3898 nilhamiym נִלְחָמִ֣ים 178
biy בִּ֗י 12
H430 veylohiym וֵֽ אלֹהִ֞ים 92
H5493 sar סָ֤ר 260
H5921 meyʿalay מֵֽ עָלַי֙ 150
H3808 vəloʾ וְ לֹֽא־ 37
H6030 ʿananiy עָנָ֣נִי 180
H5750 ʿod ע֗וֹד 80
H1571 gam גַּ֤ם 43
H3027 bəyad בְּ יַֽד־ 16
H5030 hannəviyʾim הַ נְּבִיאִם֙ 108
H1571 gam גַּם־ 43
H2472 bahalomot בַּ֣ חֲלֹמ֔וֹת 486
H7121 vaʾekraʾeh וָ אֶקְרָאֶ֣ה 313
ləkha לְךָ֔ 50
H3045 ləhodiyʿeyniy לְ הוֹדִיעֵ֖נִי 185
H4100 ma מָ֥ה 45
H6213 ʾeʿeseh אֶעֱשֶֽׂה׃ 376
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