1 Samuel 4:21Modern KJVAuthorized Version
And she named the child I–chabod, saying, The glory is departed from Israel: because the ark of God was taken, and because of her father in law and her husband.
Original Text (WLC)
וַתִּקְרָ֣א לַנַּ֗עַר אִֽי־כָבוֹד֙ לֵאמֹ֔ר גָּלָ֥ה כָב֖וֹד מִיִּשְׂרָאֵ֑ל אֶל־הִלָּקַח֙ אֲר֣וֹן הָאֱלֹהִ֔ים וְאֶל־חָמִ֖יהָ וְאִישָֽׁהּ׃
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Data from Strong's Concordance
KJV Strong's # Hebrew Value
And she named H7121karaʾ קָרָא 301
the child H5288naʿar נַעַר 320
I–chabod, H350ʾiykhavod אִי־כָבוֹד 43
saying, H559ʾamar אָמַר 241
The glory H3519kavod כָּבוֹד 32
is departed H1540gala גָּלָה 38
from Israel: H3478yisraʾeyl יִשְׂרָאֵל 541
because H413ʾeyl אֵל 31
the ark H727ʾaron אָרוֹן 257
of God H430ʾelohiym אֱלֹהִים 86
was taken, H3947lakah לָקַח 138
and because of her father in law H2524ham חָם 48
and her husband. H376ʾiysh אִישׁ 311
Total = 2966
Original Text
Strong's # Translit Hebrew Value Inc
H7121 vattikraʾ וַ תִּקְרָ֣א 707
H5288 lannaʿar לַ נַּ֗עַר 350
H350 ʾiy אִֽי־ 11
H350 khavod כָבוֹד֙ 32
H559 leymor לֵ אמֹ֔ר 271
H1540 gala גָּלָ֥ה 38
H3519 khavod כָב֖וֹד 32
H3478 miyyyisraʾeyl מִ יִּשְׂרָאֵ֑ל 581
H413 ʾel אֶל־ 31
H3947 hillakah הִלָּקַח֙ 143
H727 ʾaron אֲר֣וֹן 257
H430 haʾelohiym הָ אֱלֹהִ֔ים 91
H413 vəʾel וְ אֶל־ 37
H2524 hamiyha חָמִ֖יהָ 63
H376 vəʾiyshahh וְ אִישָֽׁהּ׃ 322
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