Judges 4:21Modern KJVOriginal Hebrew
Then Iael Hebers wife, tooke a naile of the tent, and tooke an hammer in her hand, and went ſoftly vnto him, and ſmote the naile into his temples, and faſtened it into the ground: (for he was faſt aſleepe, and weary;) ſo he died.
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Data from Strong's Concordance
KJV Strong's # Hebrew Value
Then Jael H3278 Ya`el יעל 110
Heber's H2268 Cheber חבר 210
wife H802 'ishshah אשה 306
took H3947 laqach לקח 138
a nail H3489 yathed יתד 414
of the tent, H168 'ohel אהל 36
and took H7760 suwm שום 346
an hammer H4718 maqqebeth מקבת 542
in her hand, H3027 yad יד 14
and went H935 bow' בוא 9
softly H3814 la't לט 39
unto him, and smote H8628 taqa` תקע 570
the nail H3489 yathed יתד 414
into his temples, H7541 raqqah רקה 305
and fastened H6795 tsanach צנח 148
it into the ground: H776 'erets ארץ 291
for he was fast asleep H7290 radam רדם 244
and weary. H5774 `uwph עוף 156
So he died. H4191 muwth מות 446
Total = 8895
Original Text
Strong's # Hebrew Value Inc
H3947 ותקח 514
H3278 יעל 110
H802 אשת 701
H2268 חבר 210
? את 401
H3489 יתד 414
H168 האהל 41
H7760 ותשם 746
? את 401
H4718 המקבת 547
H3027 בידה 21
H935 ותבוא 415
? אליו 47
H3909 בלאט 42
H8628 ותתקע 976
? את 401
H3489 היתד 419
H7541 ברקתו 708
H6795 ותצנח 554
H776 בארץ 293
? והוא 18
H7290 נרדם 294
H5774 ויעף 166
H4191 וימת 456
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