Matthew 20:19Modern KJVOriginal Greek
* And ſhal deliuer him to the Gentiles to mocke, and to ſcourge, and to crucifie him: and the third day he ſhall riſe againe.
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Data from Strong's Concordance
KJV Strong's # Greek Value
And G2532 kai και 31
shall deliver G3860 paradidomi παραδιδωμι 1050
him G846 autos αυτος 971
to the Gentiles G1484 ethnos εθνος 334
to G1519 eis εις 215
mock, G1702 empaizo εμπαιζω 943
and G2532 kai και 31
to scourge, G3146 mastigoo μαστιγοω 1424
and G2532 kai και 31
to crucify G4717 stauroo σταυροω 1871
[him]: and G2532 kai και 31
the third G5154 tritos τριτος 980
day G2250 hemera ημερα 154
he shall rise again. G450 anistemi ανιστημι 619
Total = 10425
Original Text
Strong's # Greek Value Inc
G2532 και 31
G3860 παραδωσουσιν 1916
G846 αυτον 821
? τοις 580
G1484 εθνεσιν 329
G1519 εις 215
? το 370
G1702 εμπαιξαι 207
G2532 και 31
G3146 μαστιγωσαι 1565
G2532 και 31
G4717 σταυρωσαι 2012
G2532 και 31
? τηι 318
G5154 τριτηι 728
G2250 ημεραι 164
G450 αναστησεται 1076
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Major Notes

This verse is one of the most important coded verses of the Bible, and is the first verse to use the word "crucify". There is a code here which reveals a connection between the crucifixion of Jesus and the start of the Age of Aquarius. 7/17/2019 is the date which is symbolic of Jesus' crucifixion, and is the 7918th day of the 7920 days. You could also say that this day is 7917 days after the start of the 7920 days on 11/12/1997. Since the 7920 days are made up of 22 cycles of 360 days, we know that 7/17/2019 is the 358th day (or 357 days after the start) of the final 360 day cycle.

There is an important connection between 7/17/2019 and 7/26/2020, the beginning of the Aquarian Age. The full cycle of the Precession of the Equinox lasts 9,434,880 days or about 25,831 years. With this in mind, we see that the cycle would have began on 3/28/23812 BC. We see that this verse is strategically placed as the 23812th verse of the Bible.

We see that this verse mentions that Jesus resurrects on the third day. If 7/17/2019 is the first day, then 7/19/2019 is the third, 7919 days after 11/12/1997. 7919 is the 1000th prime number, and 7919 * 2 = 15838. 15838 digits of Pi sum to 71214, and is the Long Count date for 7/26/2020. If we instead view it as 3 days after 7/17/2019, we arrive at 7/20/2019, the completion of 7920 days, and the beginning of 40 days, as Jesus walked the Earth for 40 days before ascending into Heaven.

The word for crucify is G4717. The number 4718 is very related to 7/26/2020, "The Harvest". Crucify was likely designed to be the 4717th Greek word so that it contained 717 and pertained to 7/17/2019, while also strongly relating to 4718. We also see that Hebrew word H4718 means "hammer" which strongly relates to crucifixion. 7/17/2019 + 4718 days = 6/16/2032, a very major date on the timeline, being 7117 days after 12/21/2012.

We also see that the root value for G4717 "crucify" is 1871. This is special as 2775 digits of Pi precede the first occurrence of the number 1871, and 7/26/2020 is also the 2775th day of the 14th baktun.

If we see 7/17/2019 as being the 1871st day of a period of time, then 6/3/2014 ( is the first. If 7/26/2020 is the 1871st day of a period, then 6/13/2015 ( is the first. Both 189 and 294 are very important Pi codes with 189 + 294 equalling 483, the last 3 digit number to first occur in Pi.

Minor Notes

G4717 is the only word in the Bible to have a value of 2012. 12/21/2012 -> 7/17/2019 = 2399 days. 2399 is the 357th prime number which is interesting as we've said 7/17/2019 takes place 357 days after the start of the final 360 day cycle.

There are 9,434,880 days in a Zodiac age, and there is a somewhat significant connection between 9434880 and 2399. 2399 digits of Pi sum to 11047 -> 66941 first appears in Pi at the end of 11047 digits -> 786240 first appears in Pi at the end of 66941 digits.

2019 is a special number in Pi as it is one of three 4 digit numbers which have 3 occurrences within the first 1000 digits of Pi. 12/21/2012 + 2771 days = 7/23/2020 (last day of sacrifice of the the 1150 days from Daniel) and 2771 first appears in Pi like so: `2019 2771 5280`