Matthew 27:40Modern KJVOriginal Greek
And ſaying, Thou that deſtroyeſt the Temple, & buildeſt it in three dayes, ſaue thy ſelfe: If thou be the Sonne of God, come downe from the Croſſe.
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Data from Strong's Concordance
KJV Strong's # Greek Value
And G2532 kai και 31
saying, G3004 lego λεγω 838
Thou that destroyest G2647 kataluo καταλυω 1552
the temple, G3485 naos ναος 321
and G2532 kai και 31
buildest G3618 oikodomeo οικοδομεω 1089
[it] in G1722 en εν 55
three G5140 treis τρεις 615
days, G2250 hemera ημερα 154
save G4982 sozo σωζω 1807
thyself. G4572 seautou σεαυτου 1376
If G1487 ei ει 15
thou be G1488 ei ει 15
the Son G5207 huios υιος 680
of God, G2316 theos θεος 284
come down G2597 katabaino καταβαινω 1185
from G575 apo απο 151
the cross. G4716 stauros σταυρος 1271
Total = 12264
Original Text
Strong's # Greek Value Inc
G2532 και 31
G3004 λεγοντες 663
G2532 ο 70
G2647 καταλυων 1602
G3588 τον 420
G3485 ναον 171
G2532 και 31
G1722 εν 55
G5140 τρισιν 670
G2250 ημεραις 364
G3618 οικοδομων 1134
G4982 σωσον 1320
G4572 σεαυτον 1026
G1487 ει 15
G5207 υιος 680
G1487 ει 15
G2532 του 770
G2316 θεου 484
G2597 καταβηθι 351
G575 απο 151
G2532 του 770
G4716 σταυρου 1471
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