Matthew 8:29Modern KJVOriginal Greek
And behold, they cryed out, ſaying, What haue we to doe with thee, Ieſus thou ſonne of God? Art thou come hither to torment vs befor yͤ time?
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Data from Strong's Concordance
KJV Strong's # Greek Value
And, G2532 kai και 31
behold, G2400 idou ιδου 484
they cried out, G2896 krazo κραζω 928
saying, G3004 lego λεγω 838
What G5101 tis τις 510
have we G2254 hemin ημιν 108
to do with G2532 kai και 31
thee, G4671 soi σοι 280
Jesus, G2424 Iesous Ιησους 888
thou Son G5207 huios υιος 680
of God? G2316 theos θεος 284
art thou come G2064 erchomai ερχομαι 826
hither G5602 hode ωδε 809
to torment G928 basanizo βασανιζω 1071
us G2248 hemas ημας 249
before G4253 pro προ 250
the time? G2540 kairos καιρος 401
Total = 7147
Original Text
Strong's # Greek Value Inc
G2532 και 31
G2400 ιδου 484
G2896 εκραξαν 237
G3004 λεγοντες 663
G5101 τι 310
G2254 ημιν 108
G2532 και 31
G4671 σοι 280
G2424 ιησουι 698
G5207 υιε 415
G2532 του 770
G2316 θεου 484
G2064 ηλθες 252
G5602 ωδε 809
G4253 προ 250
G2540 καιρου 601
G928 βασανισαι 475
G2248 ημας 249
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