Isaiah 30:19Modern KJVOriginal Hebrew
For the people ſhall dwel in Zion at Ieruſalem: thou ſhalt weepe no more: hee will be very gracious vnto thee, at the voice of thy cry; when he ſhall heare it, he will anſwere thee.
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Data from Strong's Concordance
KJV Strong's # Hebrew Value
For the people H5971 `am עם 110
shall dwell H3427 yashab ישב 312
in Zion H6726 Tsiyown ציון 156
at Jerusalem: H3389 Yeruwshalaim ירושלם 586
thou shalt weep H1058 bakah בכה 27
no more: H1058 bakah בכה 27
he will be very H2603 chanan חנן 108
gracious H2603 chanan חנן 108
unto thee at the voice H6963 qowl קול 136
of thy cry; H2199 za`aq זעק 177
when he shall hear H8085 shama` שמע 410
it, he will answer thee. H6030 `anah ענה 125
Total = 3225
Original Text
Strong's # Hebrew Value Inc
? כי 30
H5971 עם 110
H6726 בציון 158
H3427 ישב 312
H3389 בירושלם 588
H1058 בכו 28
? לא 31
H1058 תבכה 427
H2603 חנון 114
H2603 יחנך 88
H6963 לקול 166
H2201 זעקך 197
H8085 כשמעתו 836
H6030 ענך 140
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