Isaiah 64:5Modern KJVOriginal Hebrew
Thou meeteſt him that reioyceth, and worketh righteouſneſſe, thoſe that remember thee in thy wayes: behold, thou art wroth, for we haue ſinned: in thoſe is continuance, and we ſhall be ſaued.
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Data from Strong's Concordance
KJV Strong's # Hebrew Value
Thou meetest H6293 paga` פגע 153
him that rejoiceth H7797 suws שוש 606
and worketh H6213 `asah עשה 375
righteousness, H6664 tsedeq צדק 194
those that remember H2142 zakar זכר 227
thee in thy ways: H1870 derek דרך 224
behold, thou art wroth; H7107 qatsaph קצף 270
for we have sinned: H2398 chata' חטא 18
in those is continuance, H5769 `owlam עולם 146
and we shall be saved. H3467 yasha` ישע 380
Total = 4478
Original Text
Strong's # Hebrew Value Inc
H6293 פגעת 553
? את 401
H7797 שש 600
H6213 ועשה 381
H6664 צדק 194
H1870 בדרכיך 256
H2142 יזכרוך 263
? הן 55
? אתה 406
H7107 קצפת 670
H2398 ונחטא 74
H1990 בהם 47
H5769 עולם 146
H3467 ונושע 432
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