Daniel 3:20Modern KJVOriginal Hebrew
And hee commaunded the moſt mighty men that were in his armie, to binde Shadrach, Meſhach and Abednego, and to caſt them into the burning fierie furnace.
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Data from Strong's Concordance
KJV Strong's # Hebrew Value
And he commanded H560 'amar אמר 241
the most H2429 chayil חיל 48
mighty H1401 gibbar גבר 205
men H1400 gebar גבר 205
that were in his army H2429 chayil חיל 48
to bind H3729 kephath כפת 500
Shadrach, H7715 Shadrak שדרך 524
Meshach, H4336 Meyshak מישך 370
and Abednego, H5665 `Abed עבד נגוא 136
and to cast H7412 remah רמא 241
them into the burning H3345 yeqad יקד 114
fiery H5135 nuwr נור 256
furnace. H861 'attuwn אתון 457
Total = 4044
Original Text
Strong's # Hebrew Value Inc
H1400 ולגברין 301
H1368 גברי 215
H2429 חיל 48
? די 14
H2429 בחילה 55
H560 אמר 241
H3729 לכפתה 535
H7715 לשדרך 554
H4336 מישך 370
? ועבדנגו 141
H7412 למרמא 311
H861 לאתון 487
H5135 נורא 257
H3345 יקדתא 515
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