Daniel 7:23Modern KJVOriginal Hebrew
Thus he ſaid, The fourth beaſt ſhall be the fourth kingdome vpon earth, which ſhall be diuerſe from all kingdomes, & ſhall deuoure the whole earth, and ſhall tread it downe, and breake it in pieces.
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Data from Strong's Concordance
KJV Strong's # Hebrew Value
Thus H3652 ken כן 70
he said, H560 'amar אמר 241
The fourth H7244 rebiy`ay רביעי 292
beast H2423 cheyva' חיוא 25
shall be H1934 hava' הוא 12
the fourth H7244 rebiy`ay רביעי 292
kingdom H4437 malkuw מלכו 96
upon earth, H772 'ara` ארע 271
which shall be diverse H8133 shena' שנא 351
from H4481 min מן 90
all H3606 kol כל 50
kingdoms, H4437 malkuw מלכו 96
and shall devour H399 'akal אכל 51
the whole H3606 kol כל 50
earth, H772 'ara` ארע 271
and shall tread it down, H1759 duwsh דוש 310
and break it in pieces. H1855 deqaq דקק 204
Total = 6021
Original Text
Strong's # Hebrew Value Inc
H3652 כן 70
H560 אמר 241
H2423 חיותא 425
H7244 רביעיתא 693
H4437 מלכו 96
H7244 רביעיא 293
H1934 תהוא 412
H772 בארעא 274
? די 14
H8133 תשנא 751
H4481 מן 90
H3606 כל 50
H4437 מלכותא 497
H399 ותאכל 457
H3606 כל 50
H772 ארעא 272
H1759 ותדושנה 771
H1855 ותדקנה 565
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