Daniel 7:24Modern KJVOriginal Hebrew
And the tenne hornes out of this kingdome are tenne Kings that ſhall ariſe: and an other ſhall riſe after them, and he ſhall be diuerſe from the firſt, and he ſhall ſubdue three Kings.
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Data from Strong's Concordance
KJV Strong's # Hebrew Value
And the ten H6236 `asar עשר 570
horns H7162 qeren קרן 350
out of H4481 min מן 90
this kingdom H4437 malkuw מלכו 96
are ten H6236 `asar עשר 570
kings H4430 melek מלך 90
that shall arise: H6966 quwm קום 146
and another H321 'ochoran אחרן 259
shall rise H6966 quwm קום 146
after H311 'achar אחר 209
them; and he shall be diverse H8133 shena' שנא 351
from H4481 min מן 90
the first, H6933 qadmay קדמי 154
and he shall subdue H8214 shephal שפל 410
three H8532 telath תלתא 831
kings. H4430 melek מלך 90
Total = 5205
Original Text
Strong's # Hebrew Value Inc
H7162 וקרניא 367
H6236 עשר 570
H4481 מנה 95
H4437 מלכותה 501
H6236 עשרה 575
H4430 מלכין 150
H6966 יקמון 206
H321 ואחרן 265
H6966 יקום 156
H311 אחריהון 280
? והוא 18
H8133 ישנא 361
H4481 מן 90
H6933 קדמיא 155
H8532 ותלתה 841
H4430 מלכין 150
H8214 יהשפל 425
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