Daniel 7:25Modern KJVOriginal Hebrew
And he ſhall ſpeake great words againſt the moſt high, and ſhall weare out the Saints of the moſt high, and thinke to change times, and lawes: and they ſhall be giuen into his hand, vntill a time and times, & the diuiding of time.
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Data from Strong's Concordance
KJV Strong's # Hebrew Value
And he shall speak H4449 melal מלל 100
great words H4406 millah מלה 75
against H6655 tsad צד 94
the most High, H5943 `illay עלי 110
and shall wear out H1080 bela' בלא 33
the saints H6922 qaddiysh קדיש 414
of the most High, H5946 `elyown עליון 166
and think H5452 cebar סבר 262
to change H8133 shena' שנא 351
times H2166 zeman זמן 97
and laws: H1882 dath דת 404
and they shall be given H3052 yehab יהב 17
into his hand H3028 yad יד 14
until H5705 `ad עד 74
a time H5732 `iddan עדן 124
and times H5732 `iddan עדן 124
and the dividing H6387 pelag פלג 113
of time. H5732 `iddan עדן 124
Total = 3596
Original Text
Strong's # Hebrew Value Inc
H4406 ומלין 136
H6655 לצד 124
H5943 עליא 111
H4449 ימלל 110
H6922 ולקדישי 460
H5946 עליונין 226
H1080 יבלא 43
H5452 ויסבר 278
H8133 להשניה 400
H2166 זמנין 157
H1882 ודת 410
H3052 ויתיהבון 489
H3028 בידה 21
H5705 עד 74
H5732 עדן 124
H5732 ועדנין 190
H6387 ופלג 119
H5732 עדן 124
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