Daniel 9:24Modern KJVOriginal Hebrew
Seuentie weekes are determined vpon thy people, and vpon thy holy citie, || to finiſh the tranſgreſſion, and to || make an ende of ſinnes, and to make reconciliation for iniquitie, and to bring in euerlaſting righteouſnes, and to ſeale vp the viſion and prophecie, and to anoynt the moſt Holy.
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Data from Strong's Concordance
KJV Strong's # Hebrew Value
Seventy H7657 shib`iym שבעים 422
weeks H7620 shabuwa` שבוע 378
are determined H2852 chathak חתך 428
upon thy people H5971 `am עם 110
and upon thy holy H6944 qodesh קדש 404
city, H5892 `iyr עיר 280
to finish H3607 kala' כלא 51
the transgression, H6588 pesha` פשע 450
and to make an end H8552 tamam תמם 480
(untranslated) H2856 chatham חתם 448
of sins, H2403 chatta'ah חטאה 23
and to make reconciliation H3722 kaphar כפר 300
for iniquity, H5771 `avon עון 126
and to bring in H935 bow' בוא 9
everlasting H5769 `owlam עולם 146
righteousness, H6664 tsedeq צדק 194
and to seal up H2856 chatham חתם 448
the vision H2377 chazown חזון 71
and prophecy, H5030 nabiy' נביא 63
and to anoint H4886 mashach משח 348
the most H6944 qodesh קדש 404
Holy. H6944 qodesh קדש 404
Total = 6572
Original Text
Strong's # Hebrew Value Inc
H7657 שבעים 422
H7657 שבעים 422
H2852 נחתך 478
? על 100
H5971 עמך 130
? ועל 106
H5892 עיר 280
H6944 קדשך 424
H3607 לכלא 81
H6588 הפשע 455
H2856 ולחתם 484
H2403 חטאות 424
H3722 ולכפר 336
H5771 עון 126
H935 ולהביא 54
H6664 צדק 194
H5769 עלמים 190
H2856 ולחתם 484
H2377 חזון 71
H5030 ונביא 69
H4886 ולמשח 384
H6944 קדש 404
H6944 קדשים 454
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