Daniel 9:27Modern KJVOriginal Hebrew
And hee ſhall confirme the couenant with many for one weeke: and in the midſt of the weeke he ſhall cauſe the ſacrifice and the oblation to ceaſe, and || for the ouerſpreading of * abominations hee ſhall make it deſolate, euen vntill the conſummation, & that determined, ſhalbe powred vpon the deſolate.
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Data from Strong's Concordance
KJV Strong's # Hebrew Value
And he shall confirm H1396 gabar גבר 205
the covenant H1285 beriyth ברית 612
with many H7227 rab רב 202
for one H259 'echad אחד 13
week: H7620 shabuwa` שבוע 378
and in the midst H2677 chetsiy חצי 108
of the week H7620 shabuwa` שבוע 378
he shall cause the sacrifice H2077 zebach זבח 17
and the oblation H4503 minchah מנחה 103
to cease, H7673 shabath שבת 702
and for the overspreading H3671 kanaph כנף 150
of abominations H8251 shiqquwts שקוץ 496
he shall make it desolate, H8074 shamem שמם 380
even until the consummation, H3617 kalah כלה 55
and that determined H2782 charats חרץ 298
shall be poured H5413 nathak נתך 470
upon the desolate. H8074 shamem שמם 380
Total = 5872
Original Text
Strong's # Hebrew Value Inc
H1396 והגביר 226
H1285 ברית 612
H7227 לרבים 282
H7620 שבוע 378
H259 אחד 13
H2677 וחצי 114
H7620 השבוע 383
H7673 ישבית 722
H2077 זבח 17
H4503 ומנחה 109
? ועל 106
H3671 כנף 150
H8251 שקוצים 546
H8074 משמם 420
? ועד 80
H3617 כלה 55
H2782 ונחרצה 359
H5413 תתך 820
? על 100
H8074 שמם 380
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