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And I heard the man clothed in linnen, which was vpon the waters of the riuer, when he * held vp his right hand, and his left hand vnto heauen, and ſware by him that liueth for euer, that it ſhalbe for a time, times, and || an halfe: and when hee ſhall haue accompliſhed to ſcatter the power of the holy people, all theſe things ſhall bee finiſhed.
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Data from Strong's Concordance
KJV Strong's # Hebrew Value
And I heard H8085 shama` שמע 410
the man H376 'iysh איש 311
clothed H3847 labash לבש 332
in linen, H906 bad בד 6
which was upon H4605 ma`al מעל 140
the waters H4325 mayim מים 90
of the river, H2975 ye`or יאור 217
when he held up H7311 ruwm רום 246
his right hand H3225 yamiyn ימין 110
and his left hand H8040 semo'wl שמואל 377
unto heaven, H8064 shamayim שמים 390
and sware H7650 shaba` שבע 372
by him that liveth H2416 chay חי 18
for ever H5769 `owlam עולם 146
that it shall be for a time, H4150 mow`ed מועד 120
times, H4150 mow`ed מועד 120
and an half; H2677 chetsiy חצי 108
and when he shall have accomplished H3615 kalah כלה 55
to scatter H5310 naphats נפץ 220
the power H3027 yad יד 14
of the holy H6944 qodesh קדש 404
people, H5971 `am עם 110
all these things shall be finished. H3615 kalah כלה 55
Total = 6595
Original Text
Strong's # Hebrew Value Inc
H8085 ואשמע 417
? את 401
H376 האיש 316
H3847 לבוש 338
H906 הבדים 61
? אשר 501
H4605 ממעל 180
H4325 למימי 130
H2975 היאר 216
H7311 וירם 256
H3225 ימינו 116
H8040 ושמאלו 383
? אל 31
H8064 השמים 395
H7650 וישבע 388
H2416 בחי 20
H5769 העולם 151
? כי 30
H4150 למועד 150
H4150 מועדים 170
H2677 וחצי 114
H3615 וככלות 482
H5310 נפץ 220
H3027 יד 14
H5971 עם 110
H6944 קדש 404
H3615 תכלינה 515
? כל 50
? אלה 36
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