Daniel 12:10Modern KJVOriginal Hebrew
Many ſhalbe purified, and made white and tried: but the wicked ſhall doe wickedly: and none of the wicked ſhall vnderſtand, but the wiſe ſhall vnderſtand.
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Data from Strong's Concordance
KJV Strong's # Hebrew Value
Many H7227 rab רב 202
shall be purified, H1305 barar ברר 402
and made white, H3835 laban לבן 82
and tried; H6884 tsaraph צרף 370
but the wicked H7563 rasha` רשע 570
shall do wickedly: H7561 rasha` רשע 570
and none of the wicked H7563 rasha` רשע 570
shall understand; H995 biyn בין 62
but the wise H7919 sakal שכל 350
shall understand. H995 biyn בין 62
Total = 4497
Original Text
Strong's # Hebrew Value Inc
H1305 יתבררו 818
H3835 ויתלבנו 504
H6884 ויצרפו 392
H7227 רבים 252
H7561 והרשיעו 597
H7563 רשעים 620
? ולא 37
H995 יבינו 78
? כל 50
H7563 רשעים 620
H7919 והמשכלים 451
H995 יבינו 78
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