Daniel 12:11Modern KJVOriginal Hebrew
And from the time that the dayly ſacrifice ſhalbe taken away, and the abomination || that maketh deſolate ſet vp, there ſhalbe a thouſand two hundred and ninetie dayes.
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KJV Strong's # Hebrew Value
And from the time H6256 `eth עת 470
that the daily H8548 tamiyd תמיד 454
sacrifice shall be taken away, H5493 cuwr סור 266
and the abomination H8251 shiqquwts שקוץ 496
that maketh desolate H8074 shamem שמם 380
set up, H5414 nathan נתן 500
there shall be a thousand H505 'eleph אלף 111
two hundred H3967 me'ah מאה 46
and ninety H8673 tish`iym תשעים 820
days. H3117 yowm יום 56
Total = 4486
Original Text
Strong's # Hebrew Value Inc
H6256 ומעת 516
H5493 הוסר 271
H8548 התמיד 459
H5414 ולתת 836
H8251 שקוץ 496
H8074 שמם 380
H3117 ימים 100
H505 אלף 111
H3967 מאתים 491
H8673 ותשעים 826
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