Daniel 12:12Modern KJVOriginal Hebrew
Bleſſed is he that waiteth, and commeth to the thouſand, three hundred and fiue and thirtie dayes.
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Data from Strong's Concordance
KJV Strong's # Hebrew Value
Blessed H835 'esher אשר 501
is he that waiteth, H2442 chakah חכה 33
and cometh H5060 naga` נגע 123
to the thousand H505 'eleph אלף 111
three H7969 shalowsh שלוש 636
hundred H3967 me'ah מאה 46
and five H2568 chamesh חמש 348
and thirty H7970 shelowshiym שלושים 686
days. H3117 yowm יום 56
Total = 3045
Original Text
Strong's # Hebrew Value Inc
H835 אשרי 511
H2442 המחכה 78
H5060 ויגיע 99
H3117 לימים 130
H505 אלף 111
H7969 שלש 630
H3967 מאות 447
H7970 שלשים 680
H2568 וחמשה 359
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Major Notes

This is an interesting coded Bible verse as H2442 means "to wait" and you must wait 2442 days from 12/21/2012 to get to 8/29/2019, the start of the 1260/1290/1335 days. See this verse for additional info: Matthew 24:42 or Mark 13:35.

It's also interesting that H5060 is used here, as this number appears directly next to 4009 in Pi. 5060 + 4009 = 9069, which occurs at the end of 3069 digits of Pi that sum to 14159.