Hosea 12:3Modern KJVAuthorized Version
He took his brother by the heel in the womb, and by his strength he had power with God:
Original Text (WLC)
בַּבֶּ֖טֶן עָקַ֣ב אֶת־אָחִ֑יו וּבְאוֹנ֖וֹ שָׂרָ֥ה אֶת־אֱלֹהִֽים׃
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Data from Strong's Concordance
KJV Strong's # Hebrew Value
He took his brother H251ʾah אָח 9
by the heel H6117ʿakav עָקַב 172
in the womb, H990beten בֶּטֶן 61
and by his strength H202ʾon אוֹן 57
he had power H8280sara שָׂרָה 505
with God: H430ʾelohiym אֱלֹהִים 86
Total = 1724
Original Text
Strong's # Translit Hebrew Value Inc
H990 babbeten בַּ בֶּ֖טֶן 63
H6117 ʿakav עָקַ֣ב 172
H853 ʾet אֶת־ 401
H251 ʾahiyv אָחִ֑יו 25
H202 uvəʾono וּ בְ אוֹנ֖וֹ 71
H8280 sara שָׂרָ֥ה 505
H854 ʾet אֶת־ 401
H430 ʾelohiym אֱלֹהִֽים׃ 86
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