Matthew 11:11Modern KJVOriginal Greek
Uerely I ſay vnto you, Among them that are borne of women, there hath not riſen a greater then Iohn the Baptiſt: notwithſtanding, hee that is leaſt in the kingdome of heauen, is greater then he.
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Data from Strong's Concordance
KJV Strong's # Greek Value
Verily G281 amen αμην 99
I say G3004 lego λεγω 838
unto you, G5213 humin υμιν 500
Among G1722 en εν 55
them that are born G1084 gennetos γεννητος 686
of women G1135 gune γυνη 461
there hath G1453 egeiro εγειρω 923
(untranslated) G egeiro εγειρω 923
not G3756 ou ου 470
risen G1453 egeiro εγειρω 923
a greater than G3187 meizon μειζων 912
John G2491 Ioannes Ιωαννης 1119
the Baptist: G910 Baptistes βαπτιστης 1101
notwithstanding G1161 de δε 9
he that is least G3398 mikros μικρος 440
in G1722 en εν 55
the kingdom G932 basileia βασιλεια 259
of heaven G3772 ouranos ουρανος 891
is G2076 esti εστι 515
greater than G3187 meizon μειζων 912
he. G846 autos αυτος 971
Total = 15778
Original Text
Strong's # Greek Value Inc
G281 αμην 99
G3004 λεγω 838
G5213 υμιν 500
G3756 ουκ 490
G1453 εγηγερται 435
G1722 εν 55
G1084 γεννητοις 696
G1135 γυναικων 1334
G3187 μειζων 912
G2491 ιωαννου 1381
? του 770
G910 βαπτιστου 1363
? ο 70
G1161 δε 9
G3398 μικροτερος 915
G1722 εν 55
? τηι 318
G932 βασιλειαι 269
? των 1150
G3772 ουρανων 1471
G3187 μειζων 912
G846 αυτου 1171
G2076 εστιν 565
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