Mark 13:35Modern KJVOriginal Greek
Watch ye therefore (for ye knowe not when the maſter of the houſe commeth, at Euen, or at midnight, or at the cocke crowing, or in the morning.)
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Data from Strong's Concordance
KJV Strong's # Greek Value
Watch ye G1127 gregoreuo γρηγορευω 1489
therefore: G3767 oun ουν 520
for G1063 gar γαρ 104
ye know G1492 eido ειδω 819
not G3756 ou ου 470
when G4219 pote ποτε 455
the master G2962 kurios κυριος 800
of the house G3614 oikia οικια 111
cometh, G2064 erchomai ερχομαι 826
at even, G3796 opse οψε 775
or G2228 e η 8
at midnight, G3317 mesonuktion μεσονυκτιον 1215
or G2228 e η 8
at the cockcrowing, G219 alektorophonia αλεκτοροφωνια 1957
or G2228 e η 8
in the morning: G4404 proi πρωι 990
Total = 10784
Original Text
Strong's # Greek Value Inc
G1127 γρηγορειτε 604
G3767 ουν 520
G3756 ουκ 490
G1492 οιδατε 390
G1063 γαρ 104
G4219 ποτε 455
? ο 70
G2962 κυριος 800
G3588 της 508
G3614 οικιας 311
G2064 ερχεται 1021
G3796 οψε 775
G2228 η 8
G3317 μεσονυκτιου 1565
G2228 η 8
G219 αλεκτοροφωνιας 2157
G2228 η 8
G4404 πρωι 990
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Major Notes

This verse is mirrored in Matthew 24:42. This is special as 2442 and 1335 are complimentary numbers. You must wait 2442 days starting at 12/21/2012 (the completion of the 13th baktun) to arrive at the beginning of the 1335 days on August 29th, 2019.

This is similar to the code used in Daniel 12:12, the verse in the Bible which mentions the 1335 days. In that verse, the word for "waiteth" is H2442 to represent that there are 2442 days from 12/21/2012 -> 8/29/2019, the beginning of the 1260/1290/1335 days.