Luke 21:3Modern KJVOriginal Greek
And he ſaid, Of a truth, I ſay vnto you, that this poore widow hath caſt in more then they all.
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Data from Strong's Concordance
KJV Strong's # Greek Value
And G2532 kai και 31
he said, G2036 epo επω 885
Of a truth G230 alethos αληθως 1048
I say G3004 lego λεγω 838
unto you, G5213 humin υμιν 500
that G3754 hoti οτι 380
this G3778 houtos ουτος 1040
poor G4434 ptochos πτωχος 2050
widow G5503 chera χηρα 709
hath cast G906 ballo βαλλω 863
in more than G4119 pleion πλειων 975
they all: G3956 pas πας 281
Total = 7788
Original Text
Strong's # Greek Value Inc
G2532 και 31
G3004 ειπεν 150
G230 αληθως 1048
G3004 λεγω 838
G5213 υμιν 500
G3754 οτι 380
? η 8
G5503 χηρα 709
? η 8
G4434 πτωχη 1788
G3778 αυτη 709
G4119 πλειον 245
G3956 παντων 1281
G906 εβαλεν 93
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