Luke 24:6Modern KJVOriginal Greek
He is not heere, but is riſen: * Remember how he ſpake vnto you when he was yet in Galilee,
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Data from Strong's Concordance
KJV Strong's # Greek Value
He is G2076 esti εστι 515
not G3756 ou ου 470
here, G5602 hode ωδε 809
but G235 alla αλλα 62
is risen: G1453 egeiro εγειρω 923
remember G3415 mnaomai μναομαι 212
how G5613 hos ως 1000
he spake G2980 laleo λαλεω 866
unto you G5213 humin υμιν 500
when he was G5607 on ων 850
yet G2089 eti ετι 315
in G1722 en εν 55
Galilee, G1056 Galilaia Γαλιλαια 86
Total = 6141
Original Text
Strong's # Greek Value Inc
G3756 ουκ 490
G2076 εστιν 565
G5602 ωδε 809
G235 αλλ 61
G1453 ηγερθη 133
G3415 μνησθητε 620
G5613 ως 1000
G2980 ελαλησεν 329
G5213 υμιν 500
G2089 ετι 315
G5607 ων 850
G1722 εν 55
? τηι 318
G1056 γαλιλαιαι 96
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