Revelation 2:10Modern KJVOriginal Greek
Feare none of thoſe things which thou ſhalt ſuffer: behold, the deuill ſhal caſt ſome of you into priſon, that ye may be tried, and yee ſhall haue tribulation tenne dayes: bee thou faithfull vnto death, and I will giue thee a crowne of life.
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Data from Strong's Concordance
KJV Strong's # Greek Value
Fear G5399 phobeo φοβεω 1377
none G3367 medeis μηδεις 267
of those things which G3739 hos ος 270
thou shalt G3195 mello μελλω 905
suffer: G3958 pascho πασχω 1681
behold, G2400 idou ιδου 484
the devil G1228 diabolos διαβολος 387
shall G3195 mello μελλω 905
cast G906 ballo βαλλω 863
[some] of G1537 ek εκ 25
you G5216 humon υμων 1290
into G1519 eis εις 215
prison, G5438 phulake φυλακη 959
that G2443 hina ινα 61
ye may be tried; G3985 peirazo πειραζω 1003
and G2532 kai και 31
ye shall have G2192 echo εχω 1405
tribulation G2347 thlipsis θλιψις 959
ten G1176 deka δεκα 30
days: G2250 hemera ημερα 154
be thou G1096 ginomai γινομαι 184
faithful G4103 pistos πιστος 860
unto G891 achri αχρι 711
death, G2288 thanatos θανατος 631
and G2532 kai και 31
I will give G1325 didomi διδωμι 868
thee G4671 soi σοι 280
a crown G4735 stephanos Στεφανος 1326
of life. G2222 zoe ζωη 815
Total = 17350
Original Text
Strong's # Greek Value Inc
G3367 μηδεν 107
G5399 φοβου 1042
G3739 α 1
G3195 μελλεις 320
G3958 πασχειν 946
G2400 ιδου 484
G3195 μελλει 120
G906 βαλειν 98
G1537 εξ 65
G5216 υμων 1290
? ο 70
G1228 διαβολος 387
G1519 εις 215
G5438 φυλακην 1009
G2443 ινα 61
G3985 πειρασθητε 718
G2532 και 31
G2192 εξετε 375
G2347 θλιψιν 809
G2250 ημερων 1003
G1176 δεκα 30
G1096 γινου 533
G4103 πιστος 860
G891 αχρι 711
G2288 θανατου 831
G2532 και 31
G1325 δωσω 1804
G4671 σοι 280
G3588 τον 420
G4735 στεφανον 1176
G3588 της 508
G2222 ζωης 1015
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