Revelation 9:9Modern KJVOriginal Greek
And they had breſtplates, as it were breſtplates of iron, and the ſound of their wings was as the ſound of charets of many horſes running to battell.
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Data from Strong's Concordance
KJV Strong's # Greek Value
And G2532 kai και 31
they had G2192 echo εχω 1405
breastplates, G2382 thorax θωραξ 970
as it were G5613 hos ως 1000
breastplates G2382 thorax θωραξ 970
of iron; G4603 sidereos σιδηρεος 597
and G2532 kai και 31
the sound G5456 phone φωνη 1358
of their G846 autos αυτος 971
wings G4420 pterux πτερυξ 945
[was] as G5613 hos ως 1000
the sound G5456 phone φωνη 1358
of chariots G716 harma αρμα 142
of many G4183 polus πολυς 780
horses G2462 hippos ιππος 440
running G5143 trecho τρεχω 1805
to G1519 eis εις 215
battle. G4171 polemos πολεμος 495
Total = 19421
Original Text
Strong's # Greek Value Inc
G2532 και 31
G2192 ειχον 735
G2382 θωρακας 1131
G5613 ως 1000
G2382 θωρακας 1131
G4603 σιδηρους 992
G2532 και 31
? η 8
G5456 φωνη 1358
? των 1150
G4420 πτερυγων 1738
G846 αυτων 1551
G5613 ως 1000
G5456 φωνη 1358
G716 αρματων 1292
G2462 ιππων 1020
G4183 πολλων 1060
G5143 τρεχοντων 2275
G1519 εις 215
G4171 πολεμον 345
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