Revelation 13:18Modern KJVOriginal Greek
Here is wiſedome. Let him that hath vnderſtanding, count the number of the beaſt: for it is the number of a man, and his number is, ſixe hundred threeſcore and ſixe.
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Data from Strong's Concordance
KJV Strong's # Greek Value
Here G5602 hode ωδε 809
is G2076 esti εστι 515
wisdom. G4678 sophia σοφια 781
Let him that hath G2192 echo εχω 1405
understanding G3563 nous νους 720
count G5585 psephizo ψηφιζω 2025
the number G706 arithmos αριθμος 430
of the beast: G2342 therion θηριον 247
for G1063 gar γαρ 104
it is G2076 esti εστι 515
the number G706 arithmos αριθμος 430
of a man; G444 anthropos ανθρωπος 1310
and G2532 kai και 31
his G846 autos αυτος 971
number G706 arithmos αριθμος 430
[is] Six hundred threescore [and] six. G5516 chi xi stigma χξϚ 666
Total = 14191
Original Text
Strong's # Greek Value Inc
G5602 ωδε 809
? η 8
G4678 σοφια 781
G2076 εστιν 565
G2532 ο 70
G2192 εχων 1455
G3588 τον 420
G3563 νουν 570
G5585 ψηφισατω 2519
G3588 τον 420
G706 αριθμον 280
G2532 του 770
G2342 θηριου 597
G706 αριθμος 430
G1063 γαρ 104
G444 ανθρωπου 1510
G2076 εστι 515
G2532 και 31
G2532 ο 70
G706 αριθμος 430
G846 αυτου 1171
G5516 χξϚ 666
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