Numbers 14:6Modern KJVOriginal Hebrew
And Ioſhua the ſonne of Nun, and Caleb the ſonne of Iephunneh, which were of them that ſearched the land, rent their clothes.
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Data from Strong's Concordance
KJV Strong's # Hebrew Value
And Joshua H3091 Yehowshuwa` יהושע 391
the son H1121 ben בן 52
of Nun, H5126 Nuwn נון 106
and Caleb H3612 Kaleb כלב 52
the son H1121 ben בן 52
of Jephunneh, H3312 Yephunneh יפנה 145
which were of them that searched H8446 tuwr תור 606
the land, H776 'erets ארץ 291
rent H7167 qara` קרע 370
their clothes: H899 beged בגד 9
Total = 2692
Original Text
Strong's # Hebrew Value Inc
H3091 ויהושע 397
H1121 בן 52
H5126 נון 106
H3612 וכלב 58
H1121 בן 52
H3312 יפנה 145
? מן 90
H8446 התרים 655
? את 401
H776 הארץ 296
H7167 קרעו 376
H899 בגדיהם 64
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