Genesis 17:17Modern KJVOriginal Hebrew
Then Abraham fell vpon his face, and laughed, and ſaid in his heart, Shall a child be borne vnto him that is an hundred yeeres old? and ſhal Sarah that is ninetie yeeres old, beare?
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KJV Strong's # Hebrew Value
Then Abraham H85 'Abraham אברהם 248
fell H5307 naphal נפל 160
upon his face, H6440 paniym פנים 180
and laughed, H6711 tsachaq צחק 198
and said H559 'amar אמר 241
in his heart, H3820 leb לב 32
Shall a child be born H3205 yalad ילד 44
unto him that is an hundred H3967 me'ah מאה 46
years H8141 shaneh שנה 355
old? H1121 ben בן 52
and shall Sarah, H8283 Sarah שרה 505
that is ninety H8673 tish`iym תשעים 820
years H8141 shaneh שנה 355
old, H1323 bath בת 402
bear? H3205 yalad ילד 44
Total = 4237
Original Text
Strong's # Hebrew Value Inc
H5307 ויפל 126
H85 אברהם 248
? על 100
H6440 פניו 146
H6711 ויצחק 214
H559 ויאמר 257
H3820 בלבו 40
H1121 הלבן 87
H3967 מאה 46
H8141 שנה 355
H3205 יולד 50
? ואם 47
H8283 שרה 505
H1323 הבת 407
H8673 תשעים 820
H8141 שנה 355
H3205 תלד 434
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