2 Kings 9:2Modern KJVOriginal Hebrew
And when thou commeſt thither, looke out there Iehu the ſonne of Iehoſhaphat, the ſonne of Nimſhi, and goe in, and make him ariſe vp from among his brethren, and carie him to an inner chamber.
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Data from Strong's Concordance
KJV Strong's # Hebrew Value
And when thou comest H935 bow' בוא 9
thither, look out H7200 ra'ah ראה 206
there Jehu H3058 Yehuw' יהוא 22
the son H1121 ben בן 52
of Jehoshaphat H3092 Yehowshaphat יהושפט 410
the son H1121 ben בן 52
of Nimshi, H5250 Nimshiy נמשי 400
and go in, H935 bow' בוא 9
and make him arise up H6965 quwm קום 146
from among H8432 tavek תוך 426
his brethren, H251 'ach אח 9
and carry H935 bow' בוא 9
him to an inner H2315 cheder חדר 212
chamber; H2315 cheder חדר 212
Total = 4956
Original Text
Strong's # Hebrew Value Inc
H935 ובאת 409
? שמה 345
H7200 וראה 212
? שם 340
H3058 יהוא 22
H1121 בן 52
H3092 יהושפט 410
H1121 בן 52
H5250 נמשי 400
H935 ובאת 409
H6965 והקמתו 557
H8432 מתוך 466
H251 אחיו 25
H935 והביאת 424
? אתו 407
H2315 חדר 212
H2315 בחדר 214
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