Gematria Examples

Gematria is commonly used to include a special number with a message to imbue it with deeper meaning. It is also useful as a way to secretly include extra information while maintaining plausible deniability. On voat, the name “Scott Free” has been used because it adds up to 111. Here are some other examples of people using gematria:

Example showing 111

TITLE: Pleiadian guidance, Operation Mjolnir, 7 sisters, Messier 45, etc… (50 letters, 9 words)

BODY: (463 letters, 102 words)

Pleiadian guidance, Operation Mjolnir, 7 sisters, Messier 45, etc...
say what?!
Is it a coincidence that the Pleiades are also called the 7 sister and MESSIER 45 (think messiah 45)
Is it a coincidence they are 17, yes 17 light years in radius?
Is it a coincidence that they are 444 lightyears from earth (444 symbolically meaning building a solid foundation for change)
Coincidence that Operation Mjolnir and Pleiadian guidance on bottom right corner of Qmap?
Coincidence POTUS 45 is creating a SPACE FORCE?
The rabbit hole is deeper than we know, and the scale much BIGGER, BIGGEST in fact.
Define Angel.

Add the 9 words in the title to the 102 words in the body for 111.

Example showing 1223 and 777

TITLE: Prepare for ‘The Event’ ! The choice is and has always been YOURS! (50 letters, 12 words), Reverse Ordinal 777

BODY: (5341 letters, 1211 words)

What is 'The Event'?

Remember, Jesus was first transfigured, then shortly after, he ascended

Jesus was the 'first fruit' of the harvest, the whole point of him being here was to teach the world to do the same. The church has distorted his actual purpose.

When Jesus transfigured (Which I believe was his first ascension, was still human, but acquired the abilities to heal, manifest, cause miracles, etc) he exercised his abilities on earth for 3.5 years, was killed and fully ascended out of our visible dimension. He ascended into a cloud/vapor, which means spirit form. Basically he phased out of our visible spectrum. aka much higher vibration. Remember, tesla said EVERYTHING is energy, frequency and vibration. In other words, an illusion that our 5 senses that are tuned into, a VERY narrow frequency band on a full spectrum of frequency.

The idea left behind just means those who ascend become out of phase with those who dont. Our worlds split apart in a sense. We will exist on a higher plane aka a higher vibration and have light bodies. More light=high vibration=less density and less mass compared to our current situation. Higher vibration = faster information travel = more knowledge = closer to the source

Heaven = up Hell = down

Not physical, but a representation of where you CHOOSE to be. Existing in a reality that is more dense, heavy, thus more evil, 'sin', etc

Or rank up to the next level in this school or spirit, less dense, more knowledge, more joy, more love.

Its a choice.

We were BORN into sin, all that means is we were born in this low density existence that was not created for us. We were born into 'hell' and this realm, as you probably have noticed, was created for the evil ones. Maybe were one level above hell, but regardless, were right there.

Our goal is to rank up. All of us.

Hell is a choice. You put YOURSELF there. You live it by conscious decisions you make every moment. You actually have ALL the control, you just have to realize that truth.

THe church has destroyed the true meanings of Jesus. But people are waking up to what he truly meant.

Since Jesus was the first fruit of the harvest, the FINAL harvest is at the end. The REAPERS are sent out to harvest. Its all through out the Bible, including Revelation.

At the end of Daniel, he asked 'when shall these things be (the end)?' and the angel replied many will run to and fro and knowledge shall be increased aka many will be searching everywhere and they will become enlightened. Daniel was told he would be raised at the end to witness this. Raised = born again = quite literally reincarnation. Someone alive now IS in the spirit of Daniel, and but the veil of forgetfulness (which is a must but...) prevents him from knowing. However, that veil will be torn (remember what happened after jesus died?) and we will ALL remember all our past lives and accrued knowledge at the EVENT.

Look at this existence like a construct. Like the Matrix (which Q references) as well as Avatar. Our REAL reality is that we are actually all god/s...and yes I dare say that, because JESUS himself told us 'Dont you know that you are ALL gods?'

The 'spirit of god' lives within us...quite literally, that spirit is ACTUALLY US. It returns to the source at death. Source = singular. WWG1WGA. We are literally ALL ONE. We chose to create this construct to EXPERIENCE ourselves, going through good and bad gives the source the ability to become more understanding, to experience. And likely very many other reasons we don know.

SO, like avatar, it generated bodies and 'plug into' them at conception. At death, simply unplugs. And the cycle continues indefinitely. That said, we are also JUST AS RELATED to everything that exists in this reality. All alien life are brothers and sisters. They await our awakening/resurrection.

As the bible says, the sons of god eagerly await the day they can reveal themselves to us. We are all sons of god, just as much as Jesus was. Because we are all god, or filaments of a sliver of god, or have the 'spirit of god'.

What is happening now is a giant recreation of what happened 2000 years ago.

Those who take the 'mark of the beast' are not taking a chip. the forhead and hand represent thoughts and actions. It simply means they are CHOOSING to not ascend, or be closer to the source. Its free will. You create your reality. Your own personal heaven or hell.

People never take about the mark of God, which is in the bible MORE and throught out the ot and nt.

That is only a seal on the forehead, not hand. Forehead=thoughts=knowledge=conscious choice to have faith in the source and return to it. Jacobs ladder? Angels ascending and descending up and down? Making sense? The more you know, the more understanding will come.

Sun = LIGHT Dark to LIGHT SKY EVENT Prepare for SKY IS FALLING Light = knowledge (lightbulb over head?) = enLIGHTenment Enlightenment = 'ascension' above Ascension = leaving behind old 'constructs'

[THEY] worship the black cube (saturn/satan)

A NEW CUBE, crystal clear, will descend from heaven called the NEW Jerusalem (Revelation) God will be WITH us. Heaven DESCENDING to earth = the chosen (or those who chose) ASCENDING

Itll come like a the TWINKLE of an eye, at the last TRUMP... and the DEAD (in spirit) will be RAISED (Resurrection/the great awakening) and we will meet the lord (and 'sons of God') in the 'air' (spirit) and forever be with them.

The 'solar' flashes have already started, and began in 2012. The Mayans knew about the great cycles.

Paul was talking about the ascension process. Remember they had different ways of describing things in their culture, but Paul was attempting to physically describe something as best as he could to his audience.

The event is likely to coincide with the arresting of the cabal, the removal of [them] which = what? LEFT BEHIND. They wont exist in our reality! They will be 'cast into the pit of FIRE' Fire = sun = light...seeing a trend?

And the EVIL fallen angels who caused all this havoc will be driven out or destroyed by the event. It is likely the GREYS. They are said to be 'biological androids' or basically souless biological robots. If thats the case, it makes sense actually, because solar flashes produce WHAT? EMP's!

What does that do? FRY ELECTRONICS. So they are either fleeing by now, or one still here will be destroyed. They think going underground will help protect them??? 'They fled to the caverns and cried out to the rocks to fall on them and hide them from the face of the lord'....

The net result of the event will be a family reunion on a galactic scale. A 'wedding ceremony' (joining together in union) and the 'marriage supper of the lamb' is the feast upon the flesh of the cabal aka the destruction of the cabal, which is also clearly described in the bible.

Its ALL there..for those with eyes to see!

Add the 12 words in the title to the 1211 words in the body for 1223. This post also uses exactly 50 letters in the title like the example above it.

Example showing 1223

TITLE: CNN Says you cant investigate C_A because they operate in their own world. (Thats Excactly the problem!! May JFK’s vision be done) (102 letters, 23 words), English Ordinal 1223

The misspelling in the title is likely either to attract attention, or to alter the text in a simple way to add up to 1223. It’s more difficult to form a coherent and grammatically correct sentence that adds up to a very specific number.